Melissa and Jennifer



Karen George

I had a wonderful experience at Mafy’s Nails academy. Mrs. Mafy is very patient, and kind. Her instruction was great, and she was always available to answer every question, and explain things at all levels. I would highly recommend Mafy’s Nails academy to anyone interested in a Nail Technician career.

Laura McDonald

In my experience at Mafy’s Nails Academy, I found it to be the best time I ever had in school. Not only was Mrs. Mafy a great teacher, but the other students were wonderful, helpful, and all so friendly. Mrs. Mafy taught the course both in English and Spanish. I would recommend her academy to anyone looking to become a successful nail technician.

Marilyn De Jesus

At Mafy’s Nails Academy I learned how to perform the appropriate sterilization of nail instruments; how to recognize nail diseases; learned about the chemicals included in acrylic products; etc. I obtained my diploma; passed the Licensure test; and now I’m planning to open my own business. I recommend anybody to come to study at Mafy’s Nails Academy if you wish to obtain your license as a Manicuring technician, and enjoy success in the Cosmetology industry.

Brandie Baldwin

I am a recent graduate of Mafy’s Nails Academy in Holbrook, MA.  My training there proved to be a very pleasant experience and left me more than prepared to take the state board exam.  Mafy keeps her academy impeccably clean and organized and expects her students and staff to maintain that image.  She demands perfection from her students yet is very understanding to those just beginning. 

I was presented with a training kit on day one of my classes and it contained all the necessary implements for performing a manicure and a pedicure.  From there I was taught the steps I would need to know for the practical exam and we practiced daily until it was performed flawlessly.

During my training, I learned how to perform a basic manicure, nail tip application, hand and arm massage and nail polish application, which are the basic steps of the practical exam at the state board exam.  She also teaches theory, which includes the importance of being sanitary as a nail technician.  We must understand fungus, where it comes from and how it can be prevented.

You will practice the written exam on a computer just as it is given at the State Board exam. I got my Manicurist license after I finished my test taking with flying colors at the State Board. The Test Supervisor told me that nobody had taken a better and more perfect test than I did. She also mentioned that my practical test was very neat and methodical. I told her that I owed everything to Mafy’s Nails academy.

If you come to Mafy’s Nails Academy for your training, you will surely leave prepared for the state board exam and any job that is waiting for you in the nail industry.

Christine M. Bowen

After working 20 years in Healthcare, my friend and I decided to open a spa/boutique.  Our customers began asking us if we offered Nail services.  We got on it right away and began looking for a nail tech class in the Greater Boston area. 

When we walked into Mafy's Nails Academy, we knew we had found the right place.  We were immediately impressed with the cleanliness, the spacious set-up, the excellent ventilation, and the windows all around.  

As we discussed with Mafy the curriculum, which included upscale spa treatments, we were convinced we had come to the right place.  It was perfect! The instructors were knowledgeable and had the practical experience to impart their knowledge with their students, also sharing little known tricks of the trade ensuring a perfect manicure or pedicure. 

 I was able to complete the course in six weeks because I was able to attend flexible course hours and continue to work at my Healthcare career.  I also enjoyed the multilingual aspect of the class meeting people from all over the world.  I even learned a few new words to add to my vocabulary. I highly recommend MAFY'S NAILS ACADEMY to anyone interested in pursuing a career as a licensed Nail Technician.  You are guaranteed to succeed!

Eileen Peterson

I completed my training for nail care at Mafy’s Nails Academy and leave ready to take on any challenge in the nail service industry.  Before enrolling, I looked into multiple schools and courses before settling on Mafy’s Nails Academy. I chose your school because of the extent of services taught and the affordable and reasonable cost.

As I worked full-time and attended class only on Saturdays, the approach to teaching was excellent both at the technical and practical levels.  It allowed each student to progress, through the technical book work, at a speed that matched their life styles and learning needs.  The time dedicated to practical experience working with other students and
clients was invaluable.  Each nail service presented, from a basic manicure, spa pedicures, gels, acrylics, and the list goes on, was taught in an effective and easy to understand approach.  Practice materials, latest industry techniques, methods and professionalism were always present. 

Mafy, your knowledge, skills and motivating approach to learning made this a fun experience.  Thank You! For your knowledge, professionalism, encouragement and for providing an excellent education to perform in the nail service industry. I will miss you and wish you well in the future.

Sophia Jerome

I have mixed emotions today. I am happy that I have completed my requirements for my nail technician license. I have learned a lot including gels, acrylic nails, silk wrap, spa pedicure, spa manicure and much more. My fellow classmates were very helpful when it came time for my practices. Theory classes were very interesting. We learned a lot about nail diseases, and we used to take home assignments. The staff at Mafy’s Nails Academy were always professional. On the other hand, I am sad about leaving a superb academy. The academy has taught me the skills I need to acquire a job at a spa, a nail salon or a beauty salon.  I truly appreciate Mafy’s Nails Academy for the experience.

Mayra A. Mendoza

I was able to learn everything that I needed to know about Nail Technology at Mafy's Nails Academy. I am very grateful to the academy for their dedication to train me, and assist me. I loved the flexible hours, and their clean, nice, and cozy environment. Their support was very important for me to successfully pass the Massachusetts Licensing test, so, I obtained my Manicurist license to start working. During the time I attended Mafy's Nails Academy, I observed that other students had also passed the licensing examination with flying colors. In addition, the Academy provides bi-lingual support to students that have English as their second language; and they also make sure that we fully understand complex nail technology terms, especially those related to Nail diseases and chemical products.

Jenny A. Gomez

I appreciate my training at Mafy's Nails academy. They care about their students, and they are very proficient at teaching manicuring techniques. Mrs. Mafy is an excellent school director. She knows each student as an individual, and she is very attentive to their training and personal needs.

 The academy's environment is ample, well-ventilated, comfortable, spotless, and sparkling. The academy even has a professional air purifier; it is well-equipped, and it includes a professional pedicure chair; a screen projector; professional electrical files for acrylic nails; etc. I have always been treated with respect, and consideration. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to study at Mafy's Nails academy, and for getting my Manicurist license. I can open my business now!

Maria  L. Andrade

Mrs. Mafy, the director of Mafy's Nails academy, is one of the most cooperative and conscientious persons that I have ever met in my entire life. She doesn't hesitate asking intelligent questions and helping you solve difficult problems. The academy also provides bilingual assistance in Portuguese when necessary. I've been always more than happy to share my opinions about Mafy's academy with other people.

I am positive that with what I learned at Mafy's, I will be able to meet all the expectations of any employer in the Nail Technology industry. I am not afraid to say that without the knowledge I acquired at the academy, I would not be what I am today: A confident Nail Technician.

 I recommend Mafy's academy without reservations to anybody who wants to be a successful Nail technician. I got my license! Thank you very much Mafy!

Yamileth Arcilla

When I arrived to the academy I was impressed with everything being was so well organized and impeccable. The classes were very good, and I always counted with the bilingual and professional assistance of Mafy, the director. My experience was great because they taught me everything about a Manicurist' s career with efficiency and dedication. I took advantage of this great opportunity and I learned a lot. I loved the academy, the camaraderie among the students, and the cleanliness. I was well prepared for the test at the MA Board of Cosmetology, and I obtained my license. I feel nostalgic leaving the academy, but I feel very satisfied. Thanks a lot for everything. I will miss you all, but I will visit you every now and then.

Yesenia Roman

My experience at Mafy's Nails Academy was very good, and I will never forget it. The teaching was excellent. The director, Mafy Latorre, was very attentive to our training, and she always made sure that we either learned something new or that we improved our learned techniques. Mafy is affable, funny, understanding, patient and above all a tremendous teacher and friend. As a person, I achieved something else in my life, and that is why I’m grateful to the academy for their great support, I will never forget you. I already have my manicurist license, and I'm ready to perform my job with great confidence in myself.